Our company was established in 2002, focusing on the business of product agent, promotion, sales and professional burning service of Japanese advanced IC burner in the Greater China Region. Seeing that average IC burners have poor support for new IC and they are expensive, we establish burning and technology support centers in Shanghai and Shenzhen with years of experience, acquiring ISO9001 in Nov 2006, and aim at improving the quality and service in burning business. With our quick response, reliability, accuracy and professional attitude, we set our ultimate goal as providing timely service and bringing about satisfaction for our customers in the Greater China region.

Our Business

IC Programming

Currently we offer OTPROM, EEPROM, FLASH and MCU burning services. We are equipped with professional burning machine and engineering staff to provide technical support and standardization of process control, to ensure agile production cycle and quality.

IC Testing

Regarding sales and rental of the burning machine, we are an agent of the Japanese famous burner manufacturer Wave Technology to sell burning test machine. The products contain general manual type and automated mass production type. Wave Technology is one of the Japanese manufacturers of advanced burner. Its high quality and high efficiency of the burner machine in the market has established a good reputation.


Fast, Liability, Advanced Technology and Service for Efficiency and Quality" is our ultimate goal. Flatek's logo deliveries our commitment to our clients, suppliers, and staffs. It also represents the required characteristics and possibilities for all of Flatek's people.

Fast, Liability, Advanced Technology for Efficiency and Quality.

Pattern of Logo

Flatek Red - the enthusiasm to our business and life
Flatek Gray - apply technology to enhance quality
Italic Type - using speed to innovate competitive advantages
Gray Square - a team with same faith to build solid partnership
Top left's triangle - the pursuit of striving for perfection and growth
Bottom right's fist - the commitment to our business and life